Loginov IP Proud to Host Republic of China Delegation in Concord
Chinese Delegation of Court Judges Discuss U.S. – China Intellectual Property Issues

CONCORD, NH, March 22, 2017 – Concord, NH based intellectual property law firm, Loginov IP proudly hosted a delegation of court judges from the Republic of China.  Experts in intellectual property law, the delegation visited New Hampshire to discuss patent, trademark, and related intellectual property rights issues between the U.S. and China at the invitation of the World Affair Council of NH’s International Visitor Leadership program.

“Our team had very meaningful discussions with the Chinese delegation concerning the importance of the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights for goods and brands manufactured in China and sold the U.S. markets.  The protection of these rights is of vital concern to U.S. businesses,” stated William Loginov, Principal of Loginov IP. “As a firm serving IP clients globally, we welcomed the opportunity to host the delegation and build bridges of understanding between our countries on these important issues,” concluded Loginov.

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